Smiling Again gives you confidence

Smiling Again gives you confidence give it a try!

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to keep your mouth shut and avoid smiling!

Your wedding photo’s would look terrible if you are busy trying to hide your teeth. This is one of the most important days of your life and you don’t want anything to mar the day or your memories of it.

Stained or dirty teeth can be something many people find embarrassing and it makes them shy. As the bride or bridegroom you are going to be talking to a lot of people and speaking involves opening your mouth! You are the stars of the day and everyone is going to want to talk to you and take photo’s and what could be better than to have nice white teeth on the photo’s?

There are many ways you can whiten your teeth and laser teeth whitening is by far one of the best and safest. It’s a very simple and quick process that requires a single treatment. It involves a safe gel and a lower powered laser. The combination of these removes both stains and discoloration from your teeth. It also does not remove enamel from your teeth and nor does it damage the tooth’s surface.

Having beautiful whitened teeth can also minimize some of the other flaws that we or others may think we have and this alone, should virtually give a person confidence to jump start any other personal defects that they feel they may have, which could contribute to an overall healthy personal appearance and lifestyle. Promoting your overall self and your health starts with beautiful whitened teeth.

Unlike many other teeth whitening treatments, this takes just one hour but you need to be aware that you have to look after your teeth for a couple of days after the treatment to ensure they don’t restain. Because the treatment opens the micro-pores in your teeth so you need to avoid anything that could cause staining for about two days after the treatment.

The results from laser treatment will last for up to two years, leaving you with beautiful white teeth. So, how long before wedding for teeth whitening then?

Nobody likes to have discoloured or crooked teeth but the appearance of your smile can play a key role in establishing relationships. Let’s face it – if you have a mouth full of broken, stained teeth few people with give you a second glance, and your chances of finding a love partner will be diminished.

The trend for teeth whitening began in the USA where the public expects everyone in the public eye to have perfect teeth. You are unlikely to see a Hollywood movie star with crooked or discoloured teeth. It just wouldn’t be cool. But the American obsession for straight, bright, white teeth is also linked to an individual’s success. This extends through a person’s career progression to their social life and if you are an upwardly mobile single and want to have any success at dating, then it is a given that you must have perfect teeth.

You want to have it done probably four to six weeks before your wedding day. This leaves plenty of time for you to get over the risk of restaining and for your teeth to still look fantastic. With the teeth whitening session you’ll be in an out within an hour and able to enjoy the pleasure of brilliant white teeth. Don’t let your teeth ruin your wedding day and enjoy a sparkling smile with teeth whitening. This safe, effective and long lasting treatment will ensure your photographs are outstanding.

Humans instinctively look to the face to tell us what we need to know about a person in an instant and the smile is the most recognizable facial expression throughout the world.

Regardless of race, age or country of origin the smile sends the message of amusement and pleasure. Scientific studies have shown that smiling makes people look younger and therefore increases sex appeal. A smile can use up to 53 muscles giving an instant face lift. There are health benefits to smiling too like lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system. Endorphins and Serotonin, the feel good hormones, are released when we smile, relieving stress and giving the feeling of a natural high. Having a gleaming white smile tells others that we are healthy and take pride in preserving our overall health and youth.

Who doesn’t want to look younger, sexier, feel less stress and have an overall feeling of well-being? It all can be done in an instant with the simple smile. Humans are born with the ability to smile. Even babies know that a smile means a person is friendly and happy. Of course we want to send all of these messages and feel all the health benefits of a winning smile. Having a bright gleaming smile is the first place to start when looking to improve outward appearance. After-all its the first place that everyone else is looking.

This is a customized power whitening system that is affordable and lasts about two years. The initial consultation is free and the results are guaranteed. The client is free to ask any questions to allay any fears. A free pre-consultation can even be offered at the client’s home where expected results are shown on a VITA colour system. This is handy for people who are not so mobile.

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